Providing Hope and a Lifeline to Ukraine's Orphans

Total Raised to date: £2322/$2816

Village Ventures is a charity working with some some of the poorest children and villages on the planet. Each year Pam Young drives half way across the world from Sheffield in the UK to Timbuktu, Mali, where she delivers aid, coordinates voluntary medical professionals, provides education for locals, works on malaria prevention, knits clothes for new born babies, liaises with the military to provide protection for the locals - you name it, Pam does it.

Given current global needs, Pam has travelled to Budapest, Hungary, where she is coordinating efforts to provide for the needs of people fleeing from conflict. She is working to provide food and shelter to those in need, help to ferry people across the border and is working with orphanages in the Ukraine in desperate need of help and support.

With your donations Pam is now able to provide essentials such as diapers, clothing, shelter, blankets, and food - all with a big dose of hope and love to those who have escaped a war zone and are now completely reliant on others to provide for their needs.

This is a time when we as a world should be united and show our solidarity and love with kindness and generosity.

To help Pam and her team in their efforts, please donate below.

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